We are an award winning charity that delivers enterprise and employability training.
Our enterprise training program, Urban MBA is designed to reach young adults who are what is described as NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

They need a new way of communicating to absorb lessons. Urban MBA uses language and communication tools to which they can relate and understand.

The programme designer, Kofi Oppong developed his training methodology over many years of training and managing young employees in organisations such as Nike and social enterprises.

He learnt that illustrating points using cultural references and metaphors relevant to young disengaged adults meant that they ‘got it’. For example, we use sport, music and fashion to demonstrate relatively boring subjects such as finance and accounts in a way that can be understood and is relevant.

We are seen as a University for Street Entrepreneurs!


Our mission is to reach out to these young adults who do not have the required experience or knowledge, and help them transform into successful entrepreneurs. Our vision is to create a world where no young person is lost or left aside.


“It’s not an attention problem, it’s an 8-second filter” (McKnisey & Company)
The recent headline-grabbing studies suggest that Gen Z attention spans have shrunk to eight seconds and that they’re unable to focus for extended amounts of time. However, we found that Gen Z actually have what we’re calling highly evolved “eight-second filters.”

Research has evidenced that young people are currently facing difficulties to access employment, due to a lack of skills, low aspirations, and academic disengagement. This is a typical symptom of ‘generations Y and Z’; the new generations frequently described as the ‘lost children’. Market research has led Urban MBA to believe that this issue comes from an existing education system that is not tailored anymore to the profile of the new generations and the digital world they live in.


The Objective of Urban MBA is to re-train and re-educate disadvantaged, marginalised and in most cases disengaged young adults (our primary target is 18 – 25, but not exclusive) using enterprise and life skills to equip them with transferable assets so they are in a position to find employment or to start an enterprise.


“Theory of change”
To reach this goal, Urban MBA finds, inspires and supports potential entrepreneurs using communication that is appropriate to their needs and providing forward-focused, adaptable tools. This allows young people to re-engage with education, unlock the power of their imagination and develop skills that enables them to become thriving professionals. As a result, young people are inspired, skilled and knowledgeable; they start and run their own businesses which contributes to greater social and economic benefit.