Kofi Oppong

Founder of Urban MBA
Once without a home himself, Kofi built a career in sport and social enterprise before founding Urban MBA to create opportunities for other young people.

Danjel Buttigieg

Freelance Designer

Myles Clarke

Finance Consultant
I am really excited and delighted to be a part of the Urban MBA programme, where I designed and teach a course in economics and finance. I had been an investment banker in the City of London for nearly 20 years when I decided to pursue other interests which include teaching and economics. Irish born but now a native of Hackney, I want our students to understand the fundamentals of how economies work and the system of finance that supports them. It is crucial that our students learn the language of finance to help them navigate the conversations they will encounter with banks and investors. From growth, to money, to banks, to inflation and Bitcoin – you’ll never look at your bank account the same way again after completing this section of the Urban MBA.