I met Kofi the founder of Urban MBA in August 2014 and since then he has been extremely important to the development of my brand and myself as an entrepreneur.

From our initial conversation, he was able to identify the potential of my brand to become the next big character brand similar to Warner Bros’ Looney Tunes, Marvel or Disney / Pixar.

Mayamada Is a British manga brand set within our own universe of characters. We write, publish and produce manga-style comics, casual clothing and accessories. We run our own gaming event and comic story workshops aimed at developing creativity in young people. Urban MBA’s method of personally investing time in the entrepreneur and their business has been key to helping me transition my brand from simply clothing, to thinking about the end goal of the brand and our long term potential.

Urban MBA has also supported the expansion of mayamada, making more use of outsourcing and internships to become more productive as a brand rather than trying to do too much myself. This came through most recently with Urban MBA arranging two animation interns to help bring our characters to life.

We used the concepts and tools such as balanced score cards and applied it to my business. Making use of a marketing calendar and balanced scorecard has brought added structure and strategy to the way I operate my business.

With these tools I have been able to continue producing comics for our brand investigate animation and launch our own video game event to market. This is creating brand heat and more awareness of mayamada.

Urban MBA has also used their vast connections to provide opportunities for sales and marketing. I’ve been able to get my brand into retail spaces in west London and Camden with his help and I am now looking to approach main stream stockist to expand the reach of mayamada.

Although the goals have been the same since starting the brand, with Urban MBA’s support we have a better defined path towards them. I have a clearer vision for my brand and end goal and greater confidence that I will achieve them.

As already mentioned I met the founder of Urban MBA in 2014, two years down the line I am still receiving support such as.
1. Finding Interns to support my work load.
2. Space to work for me and my interns.
3. Connections to additional support or networks

Nigel Co-Founder