Five Star Academy Programme Zak Dempsey O’shea

image008“Zach Dempsey O’shea is 19 Years Old and a budding Entrepreneur.”

Zach listed one of his major achievements as having to present to a panel to seek investment for his clothing company, as well as a meeting with Levi Roots.

While attending college Zach spoke to a teacher who recommended he contacted STRIP to help him develop his clothing brand.

As with the majority of students Zach believed it would cost him over a thousand pounds or so to create an e-commerce site. With the support of STRIP he developed his site in four weeks, and is currently at stage two of the STRIP course which incorporates marketing his brand.

Here at STRIP we believe in Our Five Star Academy Young Entrepreneurs programme. It’s not the outcome that’s important but like Zach the journey he has chosen at this early stage in his career!

What Zach learns from this venture will stand him in good stead for the future. He will just require further guidance and support for his business venture!

“I am learning how to develop my business using an outsourcing model that has saved me hundreds of pounds.”
“Most of the marketing tricks I have learned are available for free and very easy to use, I prefer this area to the cash flow side of learning but I realise this is key to my businesses survival”

Zach Dempsey
Young Entrepreneur