Alumni-Steering Group

Alumni-Steering Group

Details of food Alumni:

Ozman Enver
AGE: 23
COMPANY: Bringing Eden
Speciality Food & Research

One year on Bringing Eden Rebrands to highlight growing maturity and expansion to bigger stores.

Details of Alumni:

Ashley Stunna
COMPANY: Ashleigh Stunna

Ashleigh Stunna is now working on her personal branding which is being a Fashion Stylist and Creative Director. She is now planning her Pop Up Shop event which will happen quarterly for young independent designers to buy and sell to a bigger market of consumers, called The Fashion Haul.

Details of Alumni:

Mahalia Changlee
COMPANY: Counter Politics

Details of Alumni:

Jessica Ryan-Ndegwa
COMPANY: Design For Disability
Mentored for: 3 Years

We are a collaborative hub that specialise in the process of inclusive design. During a symposium event held earlier this year and working with my main collaborators we unpicked the process of user-centred design. We are now working on developing a series of design hack-a-thons which we can implement this process further.

Changemakers: Jessica Ryan-Ndegwa is adding style to disability aids

Details of Alumni:

Nigel Twumasi
AGE: 33
COMPANY: mayamada
Website: | |
‘Speciality: Storytelling, youth engagement, gaming, general business advice, branding, websites’

In the autumn of 2019, mayamada collaborated with Urban MBA to deliver a BBC Children in Need grant-funded project, The StoryBoard. We brought our Comic Story Workshop programme to Youth First operated youth centres across Lewisham.

We worked with two groups of young people aged 7 – 15 over three months, guiding them on an exciting journey through the process of creating their own comic story in a safe and engaging environment.

They were able to work together to brainstorm story ideas, develop characters and design their own narratives. The young people were also able to make use of new digital design tools and received support from creative industry professionals.

The first year of the project ended with a celebration as the young people proudly presented their work to an audience of friends and family. We were excited to see the groups develop and take away skills that they can use in school too.

“I would recommend this workshop to everyone, Nigel is very hands on and very positive & encouraging. I Love the fact that when Kofi visited that’s all I heard about all week from both Cai & Sophie. Very inspirational.” – Leiner, December 2019

Details of Alumni:

Shanny Shanz
COMPANY: This Is My Culture

Details of Alumni:

Victoria Omobuwajo
COMPANY: SunmoSnacks

Sunmo Plantain Crisps Mixed Box

This newly launched brand will inspire a new snacking habit with these delicious hand-cooked and all-natural plantain crisps. Using only natural ingredients, the range is made up of four flavours; Naturally Sweet, Sea Salt, Cinnamon and Smoked Chilli.

Plantains are rich in essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C and B6 and the fruit’s natural density will help keep you hydrated and in turn, aid recovery.

Read More

Urban MBA Gillett Square
Victoria Discussing Urban MBA Course In Autumn 2015!

Details of Alumni:

Fahmida Begum – Employability
Age: 24

To say Urban MBA has been supportive in my career journey is a total understatement! Having met Kofi at the age of 16, he’s been more than a mentor. Through Urban MBA, I gained a wealth of experience in Digial Marketing whilst being equipped with the relevant knowledge and understanding of the “real world of work.” As I progressed academically, I was provided with unlimited mentoring & guidance ranging from job applications and interview skills through to the art of presenting and networking… let’s not forget getting a promotion!

I’m now working closely with teachers in schools to help them act as a catalyst for providing children with the best careers guidance.

Details of Alumni:

Sal Chebbah
AGE: 42
COMPANY: Elysian Roots

“Sharing the Nutritional, Health and Environmental benefits of adding, growing & eating Mushrooms to our lives.”

Through a mutual friend, I met Kofi to get some advice on starting a new social enterprise. We kept in touch and one year later I was offered a well needed space on the Entrepreneur course. Urban MBA gave me an opportunity to clarify and put together a realistic business proposition that fits both my vision and skills. It needed polishing and that’s what Kofi and his team of experts offered. I am older than the usual target group, but I felt privileged to be around young people who likewise needed guidance and support to transform their ideas into reality. More than just advice, Kofi cares about the attendees. Public speaking frightens me, amongst other things, yet Kofi will not have it define me. He won’t let me put myself down. I see him do that with all the people he seeks to promote. There is more than just academic value in attending the course, or being a mentee, or learning from Urban MBA, it is one of the most rewarding and enriching training I have ever taken.This is still the beginning but I am sure Urban MBA will accompany me a long way. I will never forget their endeavour to be at service to entrepreneurs and help people shine through their teachings. So thank you Kofi for having me 🙂

Details of Alumni:

Racheal Cooks

Racheal Cooks provides you African Fusion recipes, cooking tips, how-to videos, classes and food delivery. Her mission is to bring African food to the forefront especially to those that are not familiar with Nigerian cuisine.

Details of Alumni:

Haji Kassim (Roby)

My name is Haji Kassim (Roby), I am 25 years old, I live in North West London (Cricklewood), I have worked part-time as a customer assistant at Boots and then Footasylum before moving onto Selfridges. I completed college doing BTEC applied science Level 3. I have a genuine love of fashion and spend much of my time sketching my own ideas for my clothing line. I like keeping on-trend and observing the changes in the fashion industry by reading industry and mainstream publications and keeping in touch with the seasonal changes in the retail high street. I now want to establish my own clothing line (Inheritance Clothing), I haven’t officially launched it but I am working on what I need to achieve first, such as a clear business plan.

For me to be able to achieve my goal and move forward I asked a teacher who recommended me to the STRIP five-star academy team. They help young entrepreneurs develop their business. I’ve been working with Kofi Oppong (Mentor) through the Urban MBA programme for two months. We meet every two weeks, at our meetings we set goals and targets and what needs to be accomplished and achieved. There is a review two weeks later.

Since I began working with Urban MBA, I’ve seen myself improve in productivity and achieving the smart goals that I set. I am also prioritising much better. So far, the programme has been so helpful and I am looking forward to the brand influencing society and life!

Since joining Urban MBA, Roby has rebranded his clothing line from Inheritance to Saint Giovanni De La Mode with a fresh new look. His new pieces have seen massive popularity and have even been worn by the likes of Jordyn Woods and Paigey Cakey!

Haji Kassim (Roby)

Details of Alumni:

Latoyah London

We at Latoyah London are all about creating everlasting, meaningful memories through print.
Latoyah London is a womenswear, new generation brand who designs to leave an impression. Specialising in fun prints for going out and partywear.
Meaningful memories; amazing nights out, fun and excitement, celebrated through our special prints, patterns and designs.
The ones that help shape us and help us grow into the confident, empowered, dream chaser we already know we can be.
For those special moments think Latoyah London.

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