Start: 25-11-2018 – End: 31-01-2019
Project Reference: 2018-2-UK01-KA105-048495
EU Grant: 30420 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Learning Mobility of Individuals
Action Type: Youth mobility
Social entrepreneurship / social innovation Youth
(Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy) Inclusion – equity

On Monday the 25th of November, 15 social entrepreneurs from around Europe will start the Be Brave social entrepreneur project. The project will be 5 days of intense work on understanding why social enterprises could be the solution to many of society’s current and future problems.

A fair and equal society has been attempted in many ways across the years, socialism was thought of as a way to equalise and level the playing fields in some countries. But if the rest of the world is not playing that tune then it can have an effect on the countries strategy and economy.

We know that a capitalist society has proven to strengthen the rich and leave the poor on low paid jobs with very little support.

Most importantly first world countries are now about to hit the 4th industrial revolution which will heavily affect gen Z and Y. If you currently have children in primary schools the jobs that they will be doing have currently not been invented yet. We also have a problem that traditional school is finding it difficult to keep up with the times. We are finding more and more young and old students who are really disgruntled about the education system or did not engage in it at all!

So what is the solution to a fair and equal society that can benefit all? Well, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs is a growing sector that might be the way forward. SEUK the UK governing body on social enterprises published The Hidden Revolution. The report, supported by

Nationwide and Co-op Group looks at the economic scale and contribution of the social enterprise sector. It showed there to be over 100,000 social enterprises contributing £60bn to the UK economy and employing 2 million people, considerably higher than previous estimates.

Creating a business and solving your community, borough, city or country issue might just arguably be the most rewarding life a person can achieve!? We come together from Romania, Italy, and Spain to discuss, share ideas and learn about all things social! We look forward to sharing outcomes and thoughts for the week!

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