My name is Haji Kassim (Roby) , I am 20 years old , I live in North West London (Cricklewood), I work part time as a customer assistant at Boots and I am still in college doing BTEC applied science Level three. I have a genuine love of fashion and spend much of my time sketching my own ideas for my clothing line. I like keeping on-trend and observing the changes in the fashion industry by reading industry and mainstream publications and keeping in touch with the seasonal changes on the retail high street. I now want to establish my own clothing line (Inheritance Clothing), I haven’t officially launched it but I am working on what I need to achieve first, such as a clear business plan.

For me to be able to achieve my goal and move forward I asked a teacher who recommended me to the STRIP five star academy team. They help young entrepreneurs develop their business. I’ve been working with Kofi Oppong ((Mentor) through the STRIP five star academy programme for two months. We meet every two weeks, at our meetings we set goals and targets and what needs to be accomplished and achieved. There is a review two weeks later.

Since I began working with STRIP I’ve seen my self improve in productivity and achieving the smart goals that I set. I am also prioritising much better. So far the programme has been so helpful and I am looking forward to getting Inheritance clothing up and running by Autumn 2014.

Haji Kassim (Roby)

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