Global Juno: Women in Dance is a revolutionary self-development program for women only. The program tackles mental health issues such as depression, eating disorders, and addictions by using performing arts as a catalyst for positive thinking. Global Juno: Women in Dance focuses on creating the mature feminine who is a fully integrated woman in the 21st century.

Classes are conducted in 4 important stages:
Intention setting: The process of creating a clear and focused mental or emotional intention for a specific goal or outcome.

Dance: We gain confidence and it encourages us to let go.

Roundtable discussion: To know us and win in complicity.

And finally, meditation: To refocus on oneself and learn to appreciate the moment spent together.

It is a class where we leave our apprehension aside and allows us to affirm ourselves as women. Positive body and focus on feminine holistic healing are essential to development. And finally, to create a positive women’s community and inspire a generation of women.

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