The ‘Enterprise Bootcamp’ is LIVE! 12 young entrepreneurs have their own Bootstrap studio space and Bootstrap mentor. Over the coming weeks they will take part in enterprise workshops to develop a business plan to pitch for small cash prizes and deskspace at Bootstrap. In this blog we will be charting their progress and promoting their work, so please keep checking back.

Week 1 – Goal Setting!

Over the next 6 weeks the group will learn the nuts and bolts of starting up a business. Leading the workshops is Bootstrap tenant Kofi Oppong – pictured below. Kofi is a true inspiration and has had a varied career, including managing Nike Town on Oxford Street, starting up social enterprises and delivering employability training for our neighbours on Kingsland Road, Circle Sports. 

The first session focused on goal setting, and creating a ‘vision board’ for your personal and professional life. We all learnt how vital setting goals are for success.  What are the goals for your life? It’s a pretty deep question and made everyone present really think about things. What are your long term goals and short term goals? Whether you want to make space travel affordable, launch a football academy or own your own house – you need to set some goals to have any hope of achieving success.

Personally I really enjoyed the workshop – we covered a lot and talked about the science behind how our sub conscious and conscious brains work and, influences decision making. We took inspiration from different entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates & Steve Jobs. We all agreed that if you want to startup your own business you need to be doing it because it is your passion, for the love of it, rather than to make a quick buck.

All the work we do here at Bootstrap Campus is about ‘learning through doing,’ in these workshops Kofi will play the role of Morpheus explaining how exciting and inspiring working for yourself can be. Be under no illusions it will be flipping hard work, but if it is your passion, it will make you happy.

“Nobody can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.’

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