Sitting Down with Urban MBA Founder Kofi Oppong – ‘The University for Street Entrepreneurs’

Urban MBA is based in Hackney, London, founded by Kofi Oppong in March 2019.

Joe Wooden and Kofi Oppong talk deep about Kofi’s founder journey and how Urban MBA changes lives.

I felt I was so lucky, with what happened to me after being homeless, that I wanted to give back to the community and people like myself, who needed a reason to go on.”

Kofi Oppong is the founder of Urban MBA – “The University for Street Entrepreneurs”, as Kofi calls it. Urban MBA is an education programme set up to help marginalised and disadvantaged young people develop entrepreneurial skills. Registered as a non-profit organisation and offering free courses, Urban MBA assists young people with sustainable social and commercial businesses.

We sat down together to discuss Kofi’s story of being a social founder, his thoughts about the flaws with the education system, and how he is striving to address this issue.

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