Hi My name is Oluseyi and together with my friend Nicholas we spent two weeks’ work experience with Urban MBA.

We are students of Westminster Kingsway with a passion for marketing.
On Monday the 21st of January
Our journey with Urban MBA started when we met Kofi Oppong the founder of Urban MBA. We started learning how to use social media such as twitter, Instagram and Facebook to our advantage when it came to our career choices.

He taught us the strategy behind successful marketing and how important it is to have a marketing plan, for example we now know that big businesses such as Nike, Adidas, Primark etc. normally plan products and events in a minimum of 6 months’ in advance. We were given tools such as buffer and pingler to efficiently post and tweet in time of the events that were trending within the 2 weeks we spent working for Urban MBA. In addition, we improved our overall skills with tasks such as invoices and emails.

We were given real life experiences of planning. For example, we populated a full marketing calendar that the company can use for promotion. Urban MBA’s focus is inspiring people to become #entrepreneurs, #business and enterprise. So we learnt that the key period on the marketing calendar is 18-24 November during entrepreneurs’ week.

As a young 16-year-old learning about marketing it was an eye opener when Urban MBA explained the difference between PR and marketing. PR stands for Public relations and a partner organisation called Lstn up ldn are focused in this area. They provide cinematography, event consultancy, photography etc. We were super excited to hear that we would gain an opportunity to see PR in work on the 31st of January at o2 academy in Angel.

Lstn up ldn have one of the best young photographers around who is named @zek.snaps He had been commissioned to photograph for rapper clue. We observed zek while taking pictures of the artists on stage such as Cadet, Clue, RV, M24 and more.

We would like to thank Urban MBA as we have learned a lot from the work experience which will benefit us in the near future

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