I and my team created a university for street entrepreneurs that offers a wide range of courses designed to help Generation Z entrepreneurs start their own businesses. But that is not our only focus, helping others to make a career change later in life is another top priority for our non-profit organisation.

Our online programmes are also available for individuals, who are looking to acquire new skills or improve their current skill set in the business world.

One of the standout features of our non-profit, Urban MBA, is its strong emphasis on technology education. Our university recognises that technology is an essential component of any successful business, which is why there is a strong focus on the metaverse, quantum computers and augmented reality.

Importance of technology in business

Universities now need to recognise the importance of understanding how cutting-edge technologies can be applied to businesses. As such universities now need to offer courses on virtual reality, as it is being increasingly used in fields such as marketing, real estate, and tourism. Students need to learn how to create immersive experiences that can engage customers in new and exciting ways.

Quantum computers

Quantum computing is another technology that is starting to emerge as a powerful tool for businesses. It is becoming a necessity for students to be taught about quantum computing and its potential applications, including optimising supply chains, developing new drugs and materials, and improving cybersecurity.

One organisation that already started using quantum computing is Unilever. The brand has been making use of AI and robots to create their products. Their robots are tasked to do many duties like gauge user experience, test products, and create new products.

The metaverse

Another exciting technology that requires coverage through coursework is the metaverse. The metaverse is a virtual world where people can interact with each other and digital objects in a shared, immersive space. As this technology develops, it has the potential to transform the way we work, learn, and play. Students should be taught about how the metaverse can be used in business, from virtual conferences and meetings to even immersive training simulations.

By teaching students about these cutting-edge technologies, they are becoming prepared as the next generation of workers to be at the forefront of innovation in the business world. These technologies are rapidly evolving, and by understanding them, students will be well-positioned to adapt to new trends and stay ahead of the curve.

The utilisation of these technologies also opens up new avenues for entrepreneurs. AI, for example, can be used to automate mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing up time for business owners to focus on more important aspects of their operations. Virtual reality can be leveraged to create engaging customer experiences that can set a business apart from its competitors. Quantum computing can be used to solve complex business problems in a fraction of the time that traditional computers would take. And the metaverse has the potential to create entirely new markets and industries.

A changing landscape

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, it’s important for entrepreneurs to be agile and adaptable. Having a technology education helps students develop these skills, by teaching them how to leverage emerging technologies to solve problems and create new opportunities. By understanding the potential of these technologies, graduates are better equipped to think creatively and develop innovative solutions that can help them succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

We need to also recognise that technology education is not just about learning how to use specific tools or platforms. It’s about understanding the underlying concepts and principles that drive these technologies. By gaining a deeper understanding of these principles, students are able to become more adaptable to new technologies and better equipped to identify new opportunities for innovation and growth.

The importance of technology education in the business world cannot be overstated. As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, entrepreneurs who fail to adapt run the risk of being left behind. In education there needs to be an approach that is focused on ensuring that the next generation of entrepreneurs is well-equipped to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Urban MBA has implemented that approach with great success.

Diversity in education

Our university also emphasises diversity, equity, and inclusion in its curriculum and overall approach. As being able to recognise that entrepreneurship has historically been dominated by certain groups, and therefore requires commitment in creating a more equitable and inclusive business landscape. For this reason, we are helping break down barriers and create more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs from all backgrounds.

When students graduate from Urban MBA, they can expect to be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the modern business landscape. With their knowledge of technology they will be prepared to succeed in a variety of industries and niches.

There needs to be a focus on technology education, and a conscious commitment to developing well-rounded, adaptable graduates, and an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion, in higher education. Through this approach we are readying the next generation of entrepreneurs for success in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of business.

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